Mt. Scott: A Community of Readers

Mt. Scott Learning Center has identified literacy as its primary focus for student achievement, and the foundation of a successful literacy program is reading.

Many students struggle in literacy because they lack positive experiences with books. The teachers at Mt. Scott consistently strive to change that, and impart students with an excess of positive literary experiences. As a reading community, we recognize the obstacles that resistant and struggling readers encounter and seek to connect students with positive learning experiences that will promote literacy development and meaningful achievements in learning.

Mt. Scott teachers use texts that connect to the lives of our students and then help them move beyond what they know – or think they know – in their own lives in order to investigate larger concerns. We do this by confronting sociopolitical issues in texts, namely issues of race, culture, class power and gender. We also do this by promoting alternative readings that explore a variety of perspectives. In the reading community, we don’t stop once our students have become independent readers, rather we insist on creating independent thinkers equipped with literacy skills powerful enough to affect their lives and the world around them.

At Mt. Scott, establishing a successful and participatory reading community is an important way to raise academic achievement, close educational gaps, and prepare all students for their critical roles as scholars and citizens.