Dara Christy

Math Teacher

Dara joins the Mt. Scott community this year as the mathematics instructor for the Junior Academy.  She previously taught mathematics in Newark, New Jersey and New York City.

Dara grew up in Wisconsin. She obtained a Bachelor's degree in psychology from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, and a Master's degree in Educational Policy Studies from the University of Wisconsin Madison, where she focused on issues of equity in education.

Dara's approach to teaching focuses on investigations and inquiry so that students discover and derive mathematical concepts on their own.  A successful class is one where students pose questions, suggest hypotheses, and challenge and defend ideas with mathematical evidence.

In her free time, Dara enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, painting, and reading fiction.  She also enjoys yoga, hiking and other fitness activities.  She and her husband have traveled extensively in Europe and look forward to continuing to explore the world.