Enrollment and Admissions Process

  • Mt. Scott Learning Center (MSLC) is a non-profit, Oregon-certified educational institution. We do not charge tuition but contract with Portland Public Schools (PPS} to meet the academic needs of PPS students who, for a variety of reasons, need an alternative placement.

  • Admissions Process

    1. Student Interest Form: Complete a Student Interest Form (S.I.F.) and submit to Aaron Balogh, Dean of Students (aaronb@mtscott.org). SIFs can be printed from the MSLC website or requested and sent via email, mailed or faxed. Please provide a copy of your student's recent high school transcript with the SIF. You can obtain the transcript by contacting your home school (or last school attended) and speak with your student's counselor or school registrar. After completing and submitting a SIF, the student is added to our student interest list.

    2. Interview: When an opening becomes available in one of our groups, students and families are contacted to schedule an interview. Interviews require both the student and a parent or guardian. The interview generally lasts about 45 minutes and includes a tour of the building, a general orientation to the program, and questions about the student's personal and academic history.

    3. Shadow Day: If the student and program staff feel the school is a good fit, the student is invited for a shadow day, where the student attends core classes and is expected to participate fully within the program. After the shadow day, academy staff then meet to make a final determination on the student's enrollment at MSLC.

      Consider applying to MSLC if you are:

    • interested in earning a high school diploma
    • committed to and capable of regular school attendance
    • willing to participate in a rigorous program of experiential learning, off-campus activities and community-based activities
    • drug-free and violence-free
    • interested in a small, relationship-based school environment
    • no more than 1-1.5 years behind your graduating class in credits (specific to HS students)

    MSLC maintains a small learning environment and space can be extremely limited based on available slots correlated to student age and credit. Enrollment in our program is generally in high demand, but we do enroll new students at any time during the school year, based on seat availability. Completion of the Student Interest Form will secure your student on our student interest list, provided he/she is otherwise eligible to attend.

    Please submit completed forms or direct questions to:

    Aaron Balogh, Dean of Students

    Mt. Scott Learning Center
    6148 SE Holgate Blvd.
    Portland, OR 97206
    Phone: 503.771.8880
    FAX: 503.771.4750
    Email: aaronb@mtscott.org

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