2017 Golf Marathon at Topgolf

June 11, 2017, Noon - 3 pm

Donate to Golf Marathon Fundraiser

Nine fundraising participants smashed 100 golf balls each at Topgolf on June 11 to help Mt. Scott Learning Center raise more than $27,000 in the first-ever Mt. Scott Golf Marathon. Thank you to all the individuals and business sponsors (Service First!, Tonkon Torp LLP, First Response Security, and Tri-County HVAC) that pledged their support to help sustain Mt. Scott’s quality programs and services. Donations are still being accepted!

Our inaugural “Golf” Marathon was held at TopGolf in Hillsboro, rather than at a traditional golf course. TopGolf is a premier golf-entertainment complex that combines the culture and mechanics of golf with the comfort and social connection of bowling...but in a much fancier environment!  The climate-controlled bays, great food, and unique game-play make it a perfect venue for a wider variety of people who may not otherwise be interested in slugging away at a traditional golf course.

We’re hoping to double the number of participants – as well as double our fundraising goal – for next year’s Mt. Scott Golf Marathon. Stay tuned for announcements early next year on how you can get involved.