Jeremy Scheuer

Language Arts Teacher

Jeremy teaches Language Arts, focusing on essays, essential skills, and creative writing. He believes students’ immersion in language through writing builds their literacy skills and self-esteem, and he encourages students to hone their skills with critical thinking and self-expression.

Jeremy grew up in New York City and moved to Portland where he found a home amongst the lush forests, volcanic mountains, titanic bookstores and abundant food carts. He has tutored and taught Language Arts for the past four years in the Portland area. When he came to Mt. Scott in 2012, he immediately fell in love with the big heart of this community and has felt lucky to be a part of the team ever since.

When he’s not in the building, Jeremy rock climbs, reads, writes short stories, and lives with his partner, Hannah, and their dog, Wesley.

Jeremy holds a Bachelor's of Arts in English and Creative Writing.