Kim “Willie” Wilson

Science Teacher

Willie has been teaching in classrooms in the Portland area for 11 years and working in science education for over 20 years. Starting from the very beginning as an outdoor school instructor, her focus has been on how we learn and how we know about the world around us.

In the classroom, this means encouraging student curiosity and supporting individual exploration of topics through research and hands on exploration. As a way to identify quality inquiry, Willie guides students to assess both accurate and misleading examples of inquiry, such as re-writing plots of scifi movies to be more accurate or investigating the search for Big Foot.

In her free time, Willie's curiosity leads her to volunteer on research projects, make music, garden, kayak and share good food and games with her friends and family.

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Lewis and Clark College in 1992 started Willie in the environmental education field. This is Willie’s 12th year of teaching, after graduating with a Master’s in Education from Portland State University in 2005. Since entering the classroom in Rainier, Oregon, Willie has had a chance to teach in India and Malaysia, as well as Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon.