Mac Woods

Transitions Specialist

Mac is committed to the service of youth through engagement and empowerment. Through connection, collaboration and self-belief, Mac is dedicated to the growth and development of Mt Scott youth both personally and professionally. Mac strives to create lasting relationships that encourage self-expression and empowerment and value the importance of serving the community.

Mac is a part of the Mt. Scott Transitions Program where he works in supporting and assisting students to graduate high school while preparing them for their transition into life after high school. He teaches two courses, Career Foundations and Senior Transitions, where students develop the skills for job and college applications; financial aid and FAFSA, and a variety of skills and trades to better prepare them for multiple career pathways. The Transitions Program strives to continue its success in assisting students to find rich post-secondary experiences with the funding needed to actualize them.

Although he was born in Ohio, Mac was living abroad for a number of years before settling down in Portland. He has worked as a high school teacher in New York City and in Ohio, and has experience as a mentor, facilitator and educator for more than 10 years. Mac graduated from Kenyon College with a Bachelor's in Biology and earned his Master's Degree in Secondary Education from Fordham University.

Once an impetus international traveler, Mac still enjoys activities such as rock climbing, slackline, soccer, running and camping. He is also developing his skills as a musician, playing the guitar and piano whenever he has the time.