Megan Barrett

Manager of Curriculum and Instruction

In her role as Manager of Curriculum and Instruction, Megan oversees the school’s educational program, manages the instructional staff and professional development, coordinates with staff and students for the successful completion of graduation requirements and testing, and provides student and family support.

Megan’s approach to curriculum and equitable school design is grounded in a student-centered and relationship-based approach that allows all students to receive the supports they need to achieve academic and personal success.  She believes learning should be challenging, inspire critical thinking, and nurture a student's reflectiveness and self-awareness about themselves and their role in the world around them.  Megan believes all students should be supported and celebrated for their academic and personal growth as well as their achievements.

Megan started at Mt. Scott in 2004 and has been an instructor in a variety of subjects including language arts, math, physical education, creative writing and drama.  In addition, she worked to co-develop and teach the Senior Transitions program, which supports graduating students in their post-secondary goals and plans.  In all her roles at Mt. Scott, Megan has loved working and contributing to a genuine, supportive and playful community environment where students and staff are celebrated, cared for and valued.

Megan holds an Initial Administrator's Certification from Lewis and Clark College, a Master’s degree in Education from Portland State University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Reed College.  When she's not at Mt. Scott, Megan enjoys cooking, reading, camping, gardening, snowboarding and travel.