Our Mission

Mt. Scott Learning Center exists to provide an educational setting tailored to the special needs of students who struggle to fulfill their potential in the traditional school environment. Through a nurturing and engaging educational community, students will gain knowledge, apply skills and become positive, knowledgeable and productive members of their local and global communities.

Core Objectives

  • provide a safe, welcoming environment where individual, cultural and academic diversity is respected;
  • provide an inclusive school atmosphere that addresses various learning styles;
  • create a community of students and staff where education and individuals are important and valued;
  • provide multiple opportunities to achieve high standards that ensure continuous improvement;
  • address students’ emotional needs that may be preventing academic success; and
  • build strong working relationships between parents, students and educators.

Our Core Values

The Mt. Scott community engaged in an extensive, three-year process to identify the guiding principles of what it means to be a successful member of the school. Through staff and student efforts, four Core Values central to the spirit of Mt. Scott were identified. Each of the Core Values speaks to the Mt. Scott mission of holistically developing our students as both learners and individuals.

The Mt. Scott Core Values are embedded in every aspect of the academic and social program. Every student and staff member at Mt. Scott is expected to embody the following Core Values in their school work, their relationships, and in their personal conduct:

  • Healthy
  • Citizens
  • Prepared
  • Scholars

Staff and students engage in ongoing work about making these Core Values live in our community and in the building. The Mt. Scott community strives for Health in mind and body, Scholarship through academic excellence, Preparedness through demonstrating successful student behaviors, readiness, and commitment to lifelong learning, and Citizenship through community-building both in the school and in the world.

Core Values live in the classroom and the community at large, showing up in our advisory sessions, service learning, curriculum and school projects, our physical building, and our day-to-day interactions. The Core Values are living concepts, nourished, reflected upon and explored in our community on a daily basis to promote excellence, achievement, and engagement.