Support Program

Mt. Scott Learning Center (MSLC) provides a supporting environment where students receive strong personal support that focuses on academic achievement, improved self-esteem and personal growth. MSLC believes that in order for a student to reach their full potential as a young adult, a partnership between the parents/guardians, school and community resources will develop into a productive working relationship. The school offers:

Advising - Each MSLC student is assigned an Academic Advisor who is responsible for maximizing student success.  The advisory serves as an essential “safety net” so that every student and family in the building has a specific staff member advocating for them.  This includes regular, ongoing, individual check-ins with students to monitor their progress.  Advisors help students set and track academic and personal goals and serve as an adult mentor to encourage and celebrate their growth as students and people.  Families can expect regular updates on student progress from the Advisor who also hosts bi-annual conferences to review transcripts and assist with forecasting.  Additionally, a weekly advisory group is held to share information and promote inter-group connections and school culture.  The Advisor creates and maintains a close relationship with their students to support them at MSLC and remain in that role for the duration of a student’s participation in the program.

Counseling Services – MSLC employs a full-time licensed clinical social worker who is part of a support team that provides immediate support for students who require it outside of the classroom. The team provides counseling guidance and support to students in all grades. They are also available to help locate counseling and other resources in the community. Parents are welcome and encouraged to contact the MSLC counseling office to discuss their child's social/emotional concerns.

Tutoring – MSLC students have access to multiple varieties of small group and individualized academic support.  In the Math classrooms, additional support is integrated into daily instruction by tutors who work in partnership with the Math Teacher to provide individualized or small-group instruction as students' needs arise.  Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in Academic Lab, which is a structured study hall designed to offer personalized support for each student.  During Academic Lab, a designated staff member monitors the progress of each student, offering help on assignments, organization, and time management. Teaching staff is also available at this time, so students have the ability to check in, ask questions, and turn in work.  MSLC staff works together to ensure all students have the opportunity to receive individualized support in the areas where they need it most.

Transition Services – Our primary goal is to assist students in graduating from high school but we are also committed to students’ career pathway plan for after high school. We provide multiple opportunities for students to develop career pathway plans that will lead them to college, employment, an apprenticeship, or a structured gap year program following their graduation from Mt. Scott Learning Center. We emphasize the relationship of course work to future education and employment goals in our academic program and actively help students envision and prepare for their futures through services provided in our Transitions Program. To learn more, follow this link.