Parent Praise


“My youngest daughter, who has high functioning autism, was actually recommended to Mt Scott Learning Center’s middle/high school by her speech pathologist. I cannot praise this school or its staff enough. Both of my daughters go to Mt. Scott and are ‘A’ students and thriving.

“I know if we did not have this wonderful school and staff she would have fallen through the cracks of the educational system. We need more schools like Mt Scott Learning Center.”


“I am so proud of the progress my son has made while at Mt. Scott Learning Center. And I can’t imagine where he would be without the support of the caring and amazing staff.  Thank you for recognizing that different students have different needs, and that NOT every path to graduation looks the same.” 


“I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Before Mt. Scott, I was consumed everyday with trying to get my son to school on time, even 10:15 was a stretch once he became depressed, emailing teachers and counselors for extra time on assignments, getting 504 accommodations in place, etc… I was constantly crossing over the line of accommodating a teenager too much but also fearing that if I didn’t he would drop out, run away or worse. 

“He has had some stumbling blocks for sure at Mt. Scott, but I feel like I can let him fall down on his own and feel confident that it’s the right kind of falling. The kind he can learn from and get up from. “


“As a parent, it has been astonishing to witness the difference between my daughter’s struggling start to high school at a large comprehensive school to her thriving transformation at Mt. Scott Learning Center. Thank you Mt. Scott!”



“I would like to share our exciting news that your former Mt. Scott student and graduate, Marcus, is graduating from the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication!

“We are so proud of this kid who had basically dropped out of high school his freshman year. Then we found Mt. Scott Learning Center. As I write this note, I find myself in tears remembering those dark days of struggles and frustration trying to find a way to get my son through high school. I had started looking for a boot camp to send him to. I was so desperate for help. Finally, a counselor recommended Mt Scott Learning Center.

“From the first days of school to the final day of graduation, the staff at Mt. Scott was incredibly supportive and dedicated to the success and acceptance of each student there. Marcus’s experience at Mt. Scott was truly a life-changing direction.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”