What to expect for the 2020-21 school year

What to expect for the 2020-21 school year

Until further notice, all Mt. Scott classes will be held virtually. We will continue to monitor the health outcomes in Oregon and will make adjustments as needed throughout the year. It is our hope to have students back in the building as soon as we can do so safely. 

What will virtual learning look like?

All instruction will be done virtually and synchronously.

This means that students will be expected to sign into class from a computer during class time. We will help everyone get set up with technology and access at the beginning of the year. 

Most of the time, teachers and other students will be connected in real time just like they would be if they were physically in the building. As always, if students are unable to attend class, they will be able to make up work and stay on track. Our goal is to help students maintain a healthy and productive schedule and help keep them connected to their peers and teachers. 

Students will have 4 classes at a time instead of the usual 8.

Since this is half the number of classes students normally take, there will be more time devoted to each class during the day. Students will still be able to earn the same amount of credit over the course of the year, it will just happen on a schedule that will better support the challenges of learning virtually.

We will dedicate extra time in the beginning of the year to Distance Learning Orientation and community building activities. 

We are a relationship-based school, and we will continue to find ways to connect with students and support their growth and learning in a personalized way. This dedicated time in the beginning of the year will ensure students and families have everything they need to feel prepared and to be successful in their classes. We will also attend to social and emotional engagement in order to help ease the anxiety and stress of the past months and assess student needs moving forward. 

We know how challenging student engagement can be in a virtual environment, and we are committed to making sure students are connected and supported throughout the process. Students will continue to receive one-on-one attention and support from teachers and other staff members throughout the time outside of the building.

Each school in the state has been instructed to submit a plan on how they expect to deliver educational programming. Because Mt. Scott Learning Center is independent and uniquely designed, there may be elements of our approach that differ from other schools in the district. We refer to the directives of PPS but encourage you to reach out directly to us if you have any questions or concerns about information you are receiving. The health of your student and our community is of primary importance, and all of our planning begins with that in mind.