The opportunity students deserve

The opportunity students deserve

Enrollment openings are now available!

Mt. Scott Learning Center provides a community where every student feels welcomed, accepted, respected, and supported.  As students at Mt. Scott explore their own unique path to graduation, they find hope, feel safe, and experience success – many for the first time in their lives.

Students like Zaira, who came to Mt. Scott with her own unique challenges and strengths after struggling to find an academic setting that met her needs:

“When I first went to Mt. Scott, I felt like I could be who I am. Just being there every day made me confident, and I felt that if I could do that at school, I could also do that home.

Watch her inspiring story in her own words:

Prioritizing relationships while remote

Now more than ever, our students are receiving:

• Strong, relationship-based instructional experiences

• One-on-one access to instructors

• Extensive mental health support

A high level of engagement and support has become especially essential during this extended period of distance learning.  We recognize the challenges students experience during even the best of times and are dedicated to making sure every student is seen, valued, and supported.

Enrollment openings are available now for our new academic quarter beginning in a few weeks!