Mt. Scott honors 2021 graduates at virtual ceremony

Mt. Scott honors 2021 graduates at virtual ceremony

On June 5, we were proud to honor our largest graduating class ever with a combination in-person/virtual graduation ceremony.

Unfortunately, ongoing pandemic restrictions forced us to cancel our scheduled ceremony at Warner Pacific University. But staff worked hard to replicate the poignant, reflective graduation celebration that has become a hallmark of our school.

Our 2021 graduates gathered at the school with staff on Saturday, June 5, to celebrate their achievement and conduct three important elements of our traditional graduation ceremony: the procession of graduates, the awarding of diplomas, and the official announcement of the graduating class of 2021.

Video from these activities was combined with our Graduate Reflections and Graduate Spotlights slideshow for a full-length 35-minute virtual graduation program. We invite you now to view the 2021 Mt. Scott Learning Center Graduation Ceremony and join us in recognizing the graduating class of 2021!