Our Approach

At Mt. Scott Learning Center we are committed to:

  • providing a safe, welcoming environment where individual, cultural and academic diversity is respected;
  • providing an inclusive school atmosphere that embraces various learning styles;
  • creating a community of students and staff where education and individuals are important and valued;
  • providing multiple opportunities to achieve high standards that ensure continuous improvement;
  • addressing students’ emotional needs that may be preventing academic success; and
  • building strong working relationships between parents, students and educators.

A Visual Tour of Mt. Scott

Academic Advisory

From their first day at Mt. Scott, each student begins a relationship with their personal Academic Advisor, who serves as their primary advocate, support person, and mentor as long as a student is with us. Advisory groups meet each morning for school announcements, team-building activities, and projects and discussions that explore our community values.

With their Academic Advisor, students and families can feel confident there is always someone at Mt. Scott advocating for them. Advisors will help students set and track academic and personal goals, check in regularly to monitor progress, and work with families to review transcripts and assist with forecasting. Advisors are always ready to celebrate our students’ successes and partner with students to find new ways to grow.

Counseling Services

Our on-site support team includes a dedicated student support specialist, available to respond immediately when issues arise throughout the school day. The team provides guidance and support to students in all grades, and works to connect families to counseling and other resources in the community. We welcome and encourage families to contact our counselors at any time to discuss their student’s social-emotional well-being.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

At Mt. Scott, we utilize Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to support academic, social, and behavioral growth for all students. The PBIS framework is the foundation of Mt. Scott’s positive learning environment and safe school climate. A PBIS approach clearly defines pro-social school behavior, encourages that behavior through re-teaching and reinforcement, and celebrates positive engagement to promote ongoing student success. When a behavior intervention is necessary, the PBIS approach means that we are able to get students back on track in a less reactive, more equitable way.

PBIS in practice looks like:

  • Defining successful behavior through Positive Expectations and Classroom Agreements that are visibly posted and regularly discussed;
  • Calling out positive behaviors when they occur, to reinforce them and highlight an example for other students;
  • GOTCHA coupons rewarding behaviors both in and out of the classroom, which can be turned in at the front office for fun prizes;
  • Addressing problematic behaviors by seeking to understand the patterns and triggers leading to them, and working with the student to identify more acceptable alternatives.

Small Group Support

We prioritize one-on-one attention and small group support in many ways during a typical school day. Daily advisory sessions offer built-in checks with Academic Advisors, and let students connect with staff they might not have in a regular class setting. We strive to maintain classes of 20 students or fewer to ensure that everyone receives the attention they need. Our on-site Special Education team conducts study skills classes, in addition to providing in-class support for students on their roster. Individual tutoring is available through dedicated community volunteers and a formal partnership with Catalyst Education and Career Pathways.

Transitions Program

Our mission is to support students in graduating from high school, but our commitment to students’ development as learners and individuals means we are equally invested in helping them prepare for life after high school. The Transitions Program provides diverse opportunities for students to gain the skills and resources necessary to prepare for college, employment, workforce training, or wherever life takes them after their graduation from Mt. Scott Learning Center. Read more here about how the Transitions Program helps our students make their life goals a reality.