Enrollment and Admissions Process

We are an accredited nonprofit high school contracting with Portland Public Schools (PPS) to offer an alternative path to graduation. We work alongside our students to meet their unique needs. We are funded through a combination of our PPS contract and support from foundations and donors. Our students do not pay tuition.

We accept Student Interest Forms during the last month of each quarter and at the beginning of the next academic quarter. We consider student enrollment during the first two weeks of the quarter, but frequently reach capacity prior to the end of that period. If we are at capacity or the enrollment window is closed, we ask that students remain enrolled at their previous school, find school placement elsewhere, or continue earning credits through PPS’s Reconnections Services department and re-apply for the following quarter if they are still interested. 

Please consider joining us if you are:

  • Looking for a small, relationship-centered school environment
  • Committed to earning your high school diploma
  • No more than 1.5 years behind your graduating class in credits
  • Committed to working toward regular, on-time, daily school attendance
  • Committed to a cell phone-free environment
  • Committed to being drug-free and violence-free during the school day

Our admissions process:

  1. Complete the online form or complete a Student Interest Form (PDF).

Submission of the Student Interest Form does not guarantee enrollment.

  1. Submit your most recent high school transcript.

You can obtain a transcript by contacting your home school (or the last school you attended) and speaking with your counselor or school registrar.

  1. Join us for an interview. 

If we determine that you meet the initial criteria, we will contact you to schedule an interview with both the student and the parent or guardian. Interviews last about 45 minutes, and include a tour of the school, a conversation about your personal and academic history, and an opportunity for us to share program expectations to ensure that you are committed to meeting them.

  1. Attend a two-week trial period. 

If you and our program staff agree that Mt. Scott is a good fit, we will invite you to enroll for a two-week trial period. During these two weeks, you will be expected to attend all classes, participate in class, and follow Mt. Scott community expectations.

There are various reasons why we might not enroll a student or might find them ineligible to continue attending Mt. Scott, including but not limited to the following:

  • A student is unable or unwilling to commit to the program’s expectations. Please note that the team monitors student progress quarterly, and students need to demonstrate progress to remain enrolled at Mt. Scott.
  • A student is more than 1.5 years behind their graduating class in terms of credits or we are unable to create a class schedule that meets a student’s credit needs.
  • As a small, relationship-based program, the health and safety of our community is essential to individual student success. At times, we need to consider peer dynamics and current or prior relationships with members of the existing student body when making enrollment decisions.
  • A student has academic, behavioral, or social needs that are beyond the scope of the existing services at Mt. Scott.

For questions regarding enrollment:

Email: Dara Christy, Director of Academics

Call: 503-771-8880

Forms may be sent to:

Mt. Scott Learning Center⠀|⠀6148 SE Holgate Blvd.⠀|⠀Portland, OR 97206

Fax: 503-771-4750