Student Application

Please complete this application and return it to Mt. Scott Learning Center. Note that a completed application does not guarantee admission.

  1. Please submit the following documents to the Mt. Scott front office:
  • Completed application for admission
  • Most recent High School transcript 
  • All Special Education documentation (if applicable)

2.   Interview:

  • Student and parent/guardian will be contacted if a slot becomes available. A tour and meeting will be scheduled to discuss next steps.

3.   Two-Week Trial Period: 

  • If the student and program staff feel the school is a good fit, the student is invited for a two-week trial, where the student attends all classes, is expected to participate fully, and meet program expectations. After this period, staff will meet to make a final determination on the student’s enrollment at MSLC.

      *Residency requirements:

  • Before submitting an application, families should confirm that they are currently within Portland Public School District boundaries. Go to the PPS website under the “School and Learning” tab and confirm that your current address is within the district boundaries. This will be verified by our front office with a proof of residency form.


    Preferred pronouns:



    Who referred you to Mt. Scott Learning Center?

    School History

    *Please attach a current transcript below. This helps us assess how we can best meet your needs and respond to your request more quickly!

    Special Programs

    Attendance and Other Barriers

    Was attendance an issue at your previous school?

    If so, mark all that apply

    Please check applicable issues

    Personal Circumstances

    What is your living situation and who is legally responsible for you?

    Describe any circumstances that have impacted your ability to be successful in the traditional school setting. How can Mt. Scott assist in helping you reach your academic/personal goals?

    Do you have a caseworker or mentor? What is their contact information?

    Planning and Goals

    What are your plans after high school? (check all that apply)


    Do you know anyone currently attending?